estonian sea kayak gathering 2013

12.07-14.07.2013 Symposion weekend is divided into three masterclasses: 
  • Introductory masterclass
  • Intermediate masterclass
  • Leadership masterclass

Introductory masterclass will be based on BCU 2 Star syllabus. Masterclass is aimed at people who are new to sport, or feel the need to get the whole set of basic skills. During two day course we will train and master froward paddling, steering, manouvering, moving sideways, preventing capsize, braces and basic rescue skills.
Intermediate masterclass will be based on BCU 3 Star Sea syllabus. Masterclass is aimed at those who have been paddling for a while, but haven't got specific BCU syllabus based training. In masterclass we will prfactice: forward paddling technique, backward paddling, stopping, turning, maintaining direction in conditions, braces, rolls, different rescues in open sea, towing. We will also cover first aid, safety, weather forecast, risk assessment and trip planning.

Guides masterclass is based on BCU 4 Star Sea Leader syllabus. Masterclass is aimed at paddlers who are involved in guiding trips either as hobby or on commercial basis. Masterclass focuses on leadership skills: rescues, risk assessment and incident management, different leadership strategies, shepherding and group management, responsibilities and decision making processes. 

Maximum coach/participant ratio is 2/8 

15.07 - 21.07.2013 Extended week will have next trainings and assessments:
  1. Coach Level 2 assesment
  2. FSRT (Foundation Safety and Rescue Training)
  3. Coach Level 1 training - 4 days minimum of 6 participants 
  4. Coach  Level 2 Training - 4 days minimum of 6 participants
  5. Coastal navigation - 1 day up to 18 people, a prerequisite for 4* Sea Assessment if any of the people doing the leadership wnat to go to tidal areas to do 4* assessment
  6. 3* Sea assessment - 1 day up to 12 people
  7. 3* Inland Training (needs grade 2 water) 1 day up to 6 people
  8. 3*Inland Assessment (needs grade 2 water) 1 day up to 6 people
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